Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Workbench - random

I've been working on some stuff in the last couple of days, so here is a small teaser :D

Guess who???

Finished up the umbrella. Now I only need to fix up the suitcase and its all done.

I started my new work on Monday, so I will need to adjust to it, so its not going to be so many updates. Sorry guys


Hyony said...

xD the 2nd picture is that thing from IceAge, isn't it? xDD

Looks cool ^-^

Annya's Workshop said...

You are right Hyony :D
Its Scrat from Ice Age. He is all done, I just need to take some photos.
So any ideas for the first one? :D

Hyony said...

If the first one isn't your latest finshed kit (love it btw. <3) than no, no idea xD

I'm really behind of all the Animes which were released after 2002/2003 xD

Annya's Workshop said...

You are right Hyony, I didn't relize how generic the eyes look 0_o
I will post some other pictures of that girl very soon.

Hyony said...

What no way the eyes are amazing and anything than gerenic! :3

But the sculpt of face itself has some similarity to Noumi ^^