Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Workshop - tease :D

Hey Hyony, here is another teaser for the eyes I posted earlier :D
Can you name her now?


Hyony said...

It's Nanako Yamamoto, but I cheated, typing the tag "bikini" at e20 and she is on the 2nd page xD

I don't know the character or the series, so I would have never guessed it right lol

Annya's Workshop said...

You are totaly right :D
I fell in love with this sculpt so much that I ordered her right away and she is almost done.
I am working on her base right now (way cool base IMHO :P )

Updates are coming very soon.

Hyony said...

I don't expect anything else than a cool base from you :P :D Can't wait to see it ^-^

btw. base, I onced asked you about the balsa foam, remember?
I found something similar, but probably much cheaper than the foam. It's similar to polystyrene but much finer, people use it for heat insulation. In german it's called "Styrodur" (though that's more a brand and insulating material would be the original name).

You may check it out (if you haven't already) if you're again in a DIY/hardware store :3