Friday, September 3, 2010

Sailor Moon finished

This is one of my most favorite kits of Sailor Moon... and is the reason why this blog exist.
She was my first kit that I ever purchased. Its a Thai kit (very fragile and have lots of flaws) and she brings lots of memories. The first time I painted her, it was behind a kitchen table without any sanding or puttying. I use just solid colors, right out of the bottle, and let not mention the paint strokes :D
I am very happy to see her finished up again, its a great reminder for me on how far I came in those 5-6 years.

I hope you enjoy her.


Barbara said...

She's so wonderful!!is perfect in every detail, I'm trying to make one, but never as beautiful as yours!

w.miles said...

Yes, Annya, it's surprising how Sailor Moon brought anime to some of us. Me, too.

WhiteRabbit said...

I would love to see some of this super early work you speak of! haha. This Sailor moon is fantastic! another great one!

Anonymous said...

Ah, this Sailor Moon. I actually own this one myself...AND she's going to be the first resin I'll attempt to build/paint!

Yours basically came out exactly how I want mine to turn out, complete with glossy boots. Of course since I'm just a rookie I really doubt that'll happen.

Oh well. Practice makes perfect, right?