Thursday, September 2, 2010

Workbench - Nanako's base

I was so excited about my Nanako's kit that I just needed something special for her to put on.
Since she is wearing a bikini and a towel, she needed a beach (or at least a small chunk of it).

I actually took most of the progress pictures, so I hope this helps to explain how I did it.

Picked a wooden base.

Cut out the shape for the raised area of the beach.

Next step is missing some pictures, but I used some paper glue and glued the sand on the base (all around the base too).
After that I airbrushed blue color to the deep part of the pool (the lowest part). Sprayed it in gradient layers, darker-to-lighter, imitating the depth of the ocean.

After the sand all dried up, I wrapped the whole base in plasti-card and sealed the bottom of it (so the water doesn't leak). Next I new water stuff that I found in a rail road store.
This is an E-Z Water. It needs to be heated up (in the metal can over fire) and pored in. It hardens very very fast, so you have to be quick.
I love this stuff. Its very easy to use and I don't have to wait forever for it to dry. And the best part is that I can modify it with a heat gun later on.

This is what I got after I took the plasti-card off (in about 5 min :D )

Next I used Liquitex Gloss Gel to create some foam on the waves.

This stuff goes on white, but dries clear.

After the Gel cleared up, I dry-brushed white over the ends of the waves to give it a little more definition.
Ta-da :D
Its done.


Mike said...

very nice! I'm working with my first GK and it's a Rei in swimsuit. You gave me a lot of ideas for a base.

Hyony said...

I have a Castle Kinkakuji dio which has also a sea around the castle, it needs some fake water too, but I guess I go with the Vallejo stuff and hope there is no need for cooking xDD

But that base looks really cool :D

WhiteRabbit said...

Thanks for the little Wip! I will have to look for this water stuff and give it a try!

seraph_phoenix said...

This is amazing! What is plasti-card though annya? I'm unfamiliar with it.