Tuesday, November 23, 2010

 Some update on one of my new-er projects.
This is an Ivy kit from Soul Series games (never played it :D).  

 I had to remove her bra and underwear and make a new one removable with magnets.
This is a quick preview on how her body looks.

 And of course the removable parts :D

I was asked to make Ivy's skin a little bit more tan then my usual skin tone.  Here is the result
 Skin and painted underwear.

Just for comparison, here is the head with my usual skin tone against Ivy's bronze skin.


Cyrille said...

Excellent ! I have this kit too !
I own all the SC games (except the 4th en PS3) and I ordered this kit because I found the design very close to the game.
I'm not sure about the removable parts...^^; but I'm sure that she will be excellent !
By the way the illustration you show is from SC4 and the kit is from SC3 ;)


Annya's Workshop said...

Hey Cyrille, thanks for stopping by :D
I have no idea about any of the SC games characters, since I never played any of those games (between building kits, reading, and sleeping, games are on the last spot for me right now).
The reference photo was given to me by customer. Thanks for images updates :D

This Ivy will have a companion very soon too :D I am building Rachel from the same games, so I can build a diorama.
Two girls fighting with big weapons :P