Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Workbench - SD Gwendoline

 About a week ago, I got this SD pinky kit of Gwendoline from Odin's Sphere and its been teasing me for some reason.  I just had to work on her (even for a little bit).
For such a small size kit, she have astonishing amount of parts (27) and the best part is that she needed almost no prepping :D

Some painted parts.

 And the base (it came with the kit). 
I am not sure when I will be able to work on her again, since I do have lots of commissions right now on my table, but it was very nice to do something just for me :D


Hyony said...

omg so many updates x_x

I love the skin colour you gave Ivy, her original pale skin is really ugly (I'm as pale as her and well, ugh xD)
And I'm curious about the Miku, the alterate colour scheme looks interesting :D

Annya's Workshop said...

Hey Hyony, thanks for stopping by :D
I am so bad with time lately that I barely find time to work on kits, and updating my blog is way down on my "to do" list. So when I actually get a chance to update, I do a lot :D

I am very excited about Miku and Ivy too. Can't wait to see them finished.