Friday, December 31, 2010

Purple Miku

Another project that I wanted to finish up before the end of this year :D
It was lots of fun making her.

 More pictures on my photobucket account!cpZZ2QQtppZZ16


ogami said...

Hi Annya ! :)
Your Miku is so great ! Amazing ! :)
The color scheme fits her so well too and the painting job is perfect has always !
Happy new year and i wish you the best for 2011 !

AssassinsCreedFox said...

Purple should be Miku's new color!! Simply Beautiful! Love the pearly colors and how you left the clear pieces semi clear still. Makes the piece more unique.

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you guys :D
I love seeing her in a different colors too.

Anonymous said...

Stellar work! I'm digging this color scheme much more than the original lime green on Max Factory's PVC version.