Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The holiday season is almost over and I actually got some work done on my stuff.
Just a quick catch up on some of my projects for people who follow this blog (by the way BIG THANK YOU for doing this :D )

First is Ivy.
Modified her outfit colors a little bit (customer request).  I do like the constrasting colors a lot :D

Next is Bayonetta.
This girl got her sleeves, shoes and her buckles done.

 I almost missed this little detail on the reference pic.  The insides of her shoes are red :D  Love the effect.

 And last, but not the least is Miku.
This girl is completely done, I just need to take the full pictures of her.  But here is a quick sneak pic at her weapons.


Chiara said...

Hi Annya!! Hope you had a marry Christmas. Stunning job as always! Happy new year!

AssassinsCreedFox said...

Ivy is looking Beautiful! I do like the colors too, though the blueish color is a little weird to me.....

Can't wait to see Bayonetta finished. Best gamer girl add Ever!!

Don't know much about Miku.....though I love seeing her in something other then green XD

Otohime said...

Hi master ^_^

It was hard for me to comment because I didn't have a google account. But it's done.

You're working on sexy GK and hard too o_O Your WIP are always interesting. It's good to see the evolution :)