Saturday, December 4, 2010

Workbench - Miku

 I've been working on Miku for a while now (without updating the pics :D), so I have lots of progress photos to share.

Painted hair.


And the main body.  I airbrushed the white, but the rest is all hand painted.

A quick test fit :D

And worked on her base.
For some weird reason, all the purple colors do not photograph right (for me :D).  It looks much more blue then it is in real life.  I had this problem before with Rider, so ones I take it to my "photo studio", it should be all fixed.

I am working on her weapons right now.  It will take me some time, since most of it hand painted too. 


Schwarze Seelen said...

wow this purple looks so creepy cool^^
can't wait to see her finished.

Otohime said...

O M G (I know it's not a constructive comment... : / )