Friday, March 18, 2011

Workbench - Eurika 7 girl

New project with some modifications :D

I was asked to create a character from Eurika 7 anime (sorry, don't know her name).

Since there is no already sculpted kits of her, we decided that I can modify a kit (Herald of Hell Airi from Queen's Blade) to look like the girl.

First I needed to remove Airi's legs, since I have to glue the dress and it would be impossible to paint them in this state.

It looks a little bit messy right now, but I promise it will change :D

Also had to remove her head.  I need to give the girl long hair and it would be much easier on me to do it with the head off.

OK this is that it looks now with fixed up legs and head (or should I say, no head :D).

Next I glued the dress and hands on and started to add the sleeves.

As an after thought, I cut her hands at the wrists.  I need to add some sleeve ends to it.
For now, the putty is hardening.  I will resume on her very soon.


Elenore said...

Her name is Eureka btw :) Thank you for starting doing it, even now it looks awesome :D

Hyony said...

I know that at least two kits of her exists, one is a bust and the other one is very small xD

It looks already awesome, can't wait to see it painted :D

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!