Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Workbench - Rachel

I did not forget about this project :D
Rachel just needs a little bit more love and attention then the rest of my kit.

Fixed the poor girls hair (the piece was missing in action - she probably had a really bad battle :P )

And spend lots of time on fixing her outfit.
I am trying to recreate the original design for her armors, but its kind of hard (and time consuming).  The cast is very bad (Thai), so lots of details are missing. 
So I added some extra "bumps" for her belt buckles (sorry, I have no idea what to call them :D).
Same "bumps" for her vest, plus couple more details too.

Modified her preexisting underwear, so it matches the original style.

And added bunch of magnets to her body

Still working on her bra design.  Since her breast got larger (not by me) I need to adjust the original design to fit her new "improvement".

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