Thursday, January 5, 2012

PK King goodies

I got another package (actually two packages :D) from PKKing and again, I just have to share it.
This guy is amazing !!!!!

First is Nie Long.  He is a companion to a Evil Fox lady.
Here is some pictures.


 A very huge chunk of a resin for the base.
 More pictures here

Another kit is this two beautiful ladies and their pet demon.


     More pictures here


Anonymous said...

Dear God, I stopped staring for a while and he creates a tons of monster kits!

How much did each kit cost? 500 each?

smoon said...

Oh My!! I envy you so much!! (joke) you have Nie Long!!!!
>.<!!!!! can't wait how you will paint him!!! I will be waiting your w.i.p!!!