Thursday, January 5, 2012

Workbench - Kirika

Small update on Kirika.

Test fitting the parts and pinning.

Her leg have a pretty annoying gap, that needs puttying.

The coat have to be left in two parts, since its an optional for Kirika to have it on or off.
Parts fit is pretty good, so I just had to add some pins.

 Pinning the arms. They have to be removable, since she have to be able to wear the coat.

 Unlike the coat parts, the sleeves have lots of problems.  One of them I am going to permanently attach, but the other one have to be left unglued for now (it is too close to the main coat part and will prevent me to paint it correctly).

 Here is the weird gap.  I tried to adjust this lots of different ways, but for some reason I still end up with big gap between her neck and the hair  O_o   Needs putty.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I can't wait to see your WIP and the finished Kirika. I like the character from Noir and bought her too. But I'm a beginner and the problems you've mentioned will be a little hard for me ^-^. I saw your other finished kits and am impressed of your painting skills. Your color choice is always great. Thanks for sharing your experience :)