Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Workbench - "Little" Mermaid

OK, for a big change, this project is all MINE :D
I found this statue on eBay and just couldn't resist buying her.  Such a beautiful sculpt that got covered up with bronze paint.

She actually had lots of problem areas.  Some of them were very hard to reach :D




 After all the cleaning, she is ready for some paint


 First layer is base skin tone.

 Followed by darker skin tone shading.

 And finished up with some pastel shading.



 Next step is the hair.  Fist layer is neon orange, followed up by washes of dark red and dry brushed with some light yellow.

I had to take some pictures with flash to show the shading on the hair better.  So one picture is with flash and the other is without.   Ignore the skin tone on the pictures with flash, it makes it look splotchy :D

Painted some details, like  shells, pearls and her net.

 Every fish needs a tail :D
Painted her tail light yellow first, followed up by some light green, dry brushed red for the fins and airbrushed it with the same red to bring it all together.


 As I was working on her fin, I started to work on her tail too.
First painted it green...

 Next I washed it with darker green

 Followed up by dry brushing some yellow to highlight the scales

 To bring the whole tail together, I dry brushed some more of the red on the end of the tail and after that airbrushed the fin with base green color that I used on the tail (sorry I don't have the picture of the last step, but you can see it on the finished model :D)

The last stretch of the project.
The base.


 I used oil paint to paint water.  I needed something that would blend very nicely.

 Added some clear waves by applying Gloss Gel.  It dries clear.

 I  entered this kit in a contest, so this is the reason why I couldn't show my progress as I went.  Sorry for so many pictures :D

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Otohime said...

I don't really know what can I say. You have definitly amazing hands. What you've done is fantastic and I can just say "Woaw"

Thanks for your talent. It's a great inspiration ^^