Saturday, November 8, 2008

1/3 scale Tati kit

After the Dark Elf kit, I started to work on few new projects. One of them is 1/3 scale Tati kit from E2046 ( ). I usually work with smaller scale kits, so this is a very interesting project for me.
This kit is very big, but doesn't have too many anatomical details. I had lots of smaller kits that had better muscle structure then this kit. One thing that was preventing to see her body was this ugly belt from her sword carry case (sorry don't remember the name for it). So the first thing I did was remove the belt on her stomach area and rebuild her belly button.

This girl looks like she spends a lot of time outside, so I had to make her skin more tanned then I usually do. Plus because she doesn't have the muscle definition build in, I had to grab my anatomy books to see where the shadows fall. I think I did pretty good.
I decided to go with brown theme for this girl, so her hair and her eyes are brown, so is her sword carrier. Also her bra and bikini is painted tapioca white (light brownish color) with brown shadows. Her arm bracelet and some parts on her spear are painted copper (brownish tone again).
For her sword case, I am using a real leather straps. It will loop around her waist without distracting from her stomach.
I only have few little details to work on and she is almost done. Finished pictures are coming up very soon.

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