Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Satsuki from Cerberus project

A small preview for this little Satsuki from Cerberus project.
On the official website it listed that this kit is 1/6 scale, but she is much much smaller. She more of 1/8 scale, so be warned.
Otherwise, she is very exquisitely sculpted. She have very elegant hands, lots of details and removable clothing.
I am mostly sticking with original colors on this project, except two things. I added an iridescent purple color to the white part of her clothing, so now it reflects the light. It is very hard to see on the photos, but looks really cool in person. Another thing I changed is the color of her stockings. I had this really cool smoky pearl grey that I think looks great on her stockings.

I have only a little bit more to paint on her, just her hair, eyes, and her weapon. More pictures coming soon.

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