Friday, October 15, 2010

Day from Hell

As the title said it, I just had a day from hell.

I went to bed yesterday with mild tooth ache and woke up with swollen jaw.
Had to make an emergency appointment with a dentist.  Of course the only time they had was right in the middle of my work shift. 
OK, not such a big deal.  I am a manager now, so I can allow myself to take a long (very long and unpaid) lunch break.
Went to the dentist and after waiting for 30 min, they had to transfer me to a different dental doctor (orthodontist).  Had to drive to the other place and wait there for a while until I got into the dentist chair.
Now of course I got a "good" news.  I needed TWO root canals.  Not just one, but TWO.  Oh and the best news is that my insurance limit for dental work was already reached.  So I ended up with frozen mouth, two new root canals and a bill for $1600.
But my day was not over yet,  oh no, I still had to go back to work and finish everything up all by myself.  
Plus while at work I got a big bruise.
My day really sucks.

I am going to take some very good painkiller right now and sleep.
Thanks for listening.

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Hyony said...

Those are the days you better should stay in bed x_x

Get well soon! :3