Friday, October 29, 2010

Projects updates

Ones again, I didn't update my blog for a very long time.  Between my infection in my teeth coming back (my jaw was swollen again), the side effects of my medication and work trip, I barely have any time to do anything.
Sorry to everyone who is following this :D  I will try harder to keep you updated.

Even with a shortage of time and energy, I did finished up some stuff.

Lately I've been working on finishing up my Crystal Elf kit. 
She's been on hold for a while, but I got a "go" from a client and now its time for her to be painted.
Most of the work was done long time ago (I am not even sure how long), so now I am just in the process of painting her.

Skin tone (I added some more shading after this photo)
 Her very cool wings :D
 I just love painting Dark Elf's face.  The sculpt is so gorgeous that it almost paints itself.

And a quick test fit.
I just have couple more details to paint and she is done.

Another project on my table right now is a Bayonetta kit (the 1/4 scale). 
That girl is huge  O_O
My hands a very itchy right now to start working on her (she is taking a purple bath right now :D).  But to just give you ideas, here is some preview

Of course she is making a great company for my Storm Rider :D
So now I just have to pray that my infection will pass and I don't have to take some even stronger medicine.  I am very sick of having constant taste of bitter medicine in my mouth. 
I just want to go and play with my new projects :D


Hyony said...

Bayonetta's pure resin face looks like the face of a chinese girl xD

Very nice progress of the Crytal Elf, her lips look so soft, love it *-*

WhiteRabbit said...

I can't wait to see what you do with Bayonetta <3