Sunday, October 17, 2010

Workbench - Minettev

Before my "Day from Hell" I did finished some stuff up on Minettev.  I feel much better today, so I decided to update the progress on her.

Finally got confirmation on the girls hair. 

It was a little bit tricky to do her earrings.  They are supposed to be a dangling kind, so I had to add some plastic stretchy cord (it used for jewelery making).

Her decal eyes.
I am actually very happy how it turned out.  It even included her eye brows :D

And here is a short preview of her finished.
I need to go and take some better pictures of her today.

Oh, almost forgot.  Here is the cat :D

1 comment:

Hyony said...

The cat is sooo cute *-*

Can't wait to see her in the gallery! :D