Saturday, September 17, 2011

Workbench - Shing II

Another fun project on my table is Shing II (the sculptor's web page is here ).
I love the kits that this guy makes (so full of movement and energy), but most of them need a little more work on smoothing the surfaces out   >_<
Oh well, its all worth it at the end.

After spending lots of time on priming/sanding, I started with her skin tone and her stockings.

 Next painted the weird smoky/metallic thingy s that go from her base and hands.
First I painted them black and dry-brushed the metallic after.

The body suit was painted dark purple and shaded with black.

The hair is painted Neon Red and washed with Red and dry brushed after with Orange red.  This can change, since I am still waiting for customer's approval :D


 Some other photos of finished stuff that I didn't take in-progress shots :D


And before I am done for today, here is a small teaser of the kit :D

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Hyony said...

I was just searching for some pictures of her size because of the e20 promotion and you are working on her now xD

Looks great so far, love her hair! I hope the customer does so also ^^