Saturday, September 17, 2011

Workbench - Yurika from Nadesico

Just like the title said, I am working on Yurika from Nadesico anime.
Its a very old (1990's :D) kit and we had to wait for a long while for it to be in-stock again (over an year on pre-order), but now she is here.
The kit is very big (1/5 scale) but doesn't have too many parts.  The biggest problem I had was with her cape.  It came in three pieces and since I wanted to make the cape removable, I had to glue the pieces before I can work on them.


 For such a plain looking kit, this girl needed lots of masking :D

For her uniform, I decided to go with Midnight blue and shade it with black.  This way its still a dark uniform, but the purple/blue gives it more dimension.

More updates on this girl are coming very soon :D

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