Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sailor Pluto - finished

OK, here is my finished up photos of Pluto.
She was kind of hard to photograph, since her top body is leaning backwards. It created some weird angles for the pictures O_o

So I hope you guys like her as much as I do :D


LeonaSenshi said...

I love her! :D specially the keys in her waist XD

Congrads, another work of art

Mickymar said...

Annya, Pluto came out so nice! Your work is exceptional! I have so much enjoyed buzzing by and reading and viewing your work. Thanks for the pics of progress, they really are amazing to see the steps you take.

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Pia N said...

nice work, she looks realy cool.

La Sauciere Folle (The Mad Sauce Chef) said...

Great Images and great work.

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you guys (*^.^*)
I am very happy on how she turned out.

angela said...

amazing!! i love sailor moon <3