Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Contest 2010

I WON !!!!

Thank you everyone who supported me :D
And big big hugs to all people who visits my blog. You guys are the best.


TLTw804 said...

Congrats Annya, it was an awesome entry, looks like it must have taken you alot of time to finish it.

Ilaria said...

And how is this a surprise? ^_-

Hyony said...

Congrats Annya! :D

Brebia said...

Congrats Annya! Your entry was fantastic ^_^

WhiteRabbit said...

Your work definitely deserved it! it was quite the master piece! Congrats!

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you everyone (*^.^*)
you guys are the best.
I had lots of fun doing this kit. And plus I learned some stuff too (which is always good).

Ila, of course I was surprised :D
I do like my own stuff, but its always nice to be recognized by other people :D

Big hugs to all of you guys