Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Workbench - Euphemia

I am really getting close to finishing this girl up :D

In the last couple of days I had some time to apply all the pastel shadings. Paint the skin tone and her eyes, and paint the hair.

The right side have pastel applied and the left one didn't. Just wanted to show you the difference.

The quick test. Nothing is glued in yet.

No flash.

with flash

Close up of the eyes :D

And the color of the hair (pastel shaded already)

The only thing I have left is her ribbons and her base.
She is turning to be a real beauty.


Kike said...

Is Perfect, you did a perfect work on Euphemia, i have no words to describe a beautifull work like this, you are doing a perfect work on euphemia, is the best Euphy i ever seen, i cant wait to see her done!! I know you will do a perfect job too :)

h-mania_reika said...

It's just as Kike says, it's just stunning, it almost gives my the push to buy Euphemia myself ^^ But I will not torture you with another Euphemia since Kalar is also a lot of work > <

Hyony said...

The hair colour is epic love! *-*
But why does your camera flash makes such nice photos? D: Mine makes the whole kit white T_T

WhiteRabbit said...

oOOooOoO! So Pretty!!! <3 The eyes are gorgeous! and the shading on the dress is stunning. All that work you put into cleaning up those ruffles really paid off. Can not wait to see you finish her!!
Ps: I see a Sailor Pluto in the backround >.>

Annya's Workshop said...

Kike, I am putting the finishing touches on her right now :D
You guys will see her all done very very soon.

Reika, thanks :D Your Kara will be coming up soon too.

Hyony, I think that my picture looks OK is because I was actually standing some distance away from the kit. I do have some over exposed pictures too >.<

Rabbit, thanks :D
Sailor Pluto is almost done too. I was just finishing up some of her stuff while I glued Elphi's dress :D
Stay tuned.

Pia N said...

she is so sweet