Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Workbench - Euphemia

OK, you guys probably already tired of me posting of the "same" clean up for Elphi, but I promise that this is the last batch of it (^_^;)
I had to use some Bondo's glazing putty to even out the surface.
After all this work fixing this lady up, I keep wondering about the quality of E's gathering Elphi?
If you have to make a hundred of the same kit, I am not sure they would keep the same quality. Oh well, I just know that I would not want to build too many of them ('-^*)

As I promised, no more "fixing up". Its painting time.
For the dress I am using Tapioca color. Its not pure white, more of the nice egg shell white.

Oh yeah, some people were asking me about the ratio for mixing my acrylic paint. Its about 1 x 2 (one part of paint to two parts of water).
Since I already had to mix big quantity of paint, it was easy to snap a shot

The base color is on. I know its kind of hard to see the difference between the primer and Tapioca color, but believe me there is at least 3-4 layers of it

After the base color dried, I added a few drops of Antique Gold into the Tapioca mix for shadows.

Tomorrow I will add pastel shadows to the dress.
Its so nice to be done with cleaning up and start painting this kit.
More updates are coming soon.


Kike said...

Thanks for the great job in the dress, and sorry for too much work x_x, is great that the painting has started, the dress looks great, euphy is going to be perfect, thanks Annya :)

Hyony said...

Can't wait to see the whole dress, looks great so far! :D

Ilaria said...

Yay, colors! \(^o^)/

Annya's Workshop said...

Hey Kike, don't be sorry :D Even with all this work, I am enjoying this project. I feel a great accomplishment when I look at the "before" pictures :D

yay, I am happy to do colors too :D

WhiteRabbit said...

Finally some paint for Euphe! I cannot wait to see her done!