Thursday, July 15, 2010

Workbench - Sailor Pluto

Since I am almost done with Pluto, I decided to add all the in-progress pictures (not like I have a lot of them :D )

This is a Thai kit that I got long long long time ago. One of the first kits that I got of the eBay, right after I started doing kits in 2004. I actually painted it too, but it was very ruff job, since I didn't really knew what to do. No primer, no prep work, just paint straight out of paint jar without any shading.
Too bad I don't have any photos of the previous paint job.

Anyway, I striped all the paint and when I had time worked on it a little bit at the time.

The joint parts were very bad. I had to re sculpt the arm joints (the most work), legs, hair and pretty much everything else.

The skirt was very thin and half cracked. After I was done with bondo, the skirt looked half painted red :D

The hair was another problem :D
I had to re sculpt lots of chipped tips, plus I added some extra strands of hair (made from Mountain Dew can :D )

And the last, but not the least, I give you Pluto's staff.
The parts that I found in my box were all brittle and would snap with little pressure. Plus I really decided to upgrade her stuff.

I wanted to use this red stone for the top, but I had to adjust the setting first.

Used some putty and totally replaced the main staff with beads and plastic rod.

Painted version. I know that it looks a little bit warped in the picture, but I already fixed it up with a little heat :D

Right now I am waiting for the base to dry and then its a picture time :D

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WhiteRabbit said...

I;m really glad your finishing up pluto! I would have loved to see her before picture!! Cola cans for hair? I never would have though of that! The staff looks great!