Sunday, May 29, 2011

PK King goodness

Not too  long ago I finally got my Nine Balance -Nu Wa kit from PK King.  I just had to share how amazing his kits are (and maybe make you a little bit jealous :D ).

This kit cast in grey resin.  It looks a little bit weird (at least to me), but the resin is nice and soft, and amount of details is astonishing.

Here is some photos:



And since I am updating King's kits, I might as well add the other Nine Balance kit - Sturgeoun  King.
This kit didn't travel as well as Nu Wa.  The big, beautiful, clear base had some damage to it  :(    Too bad, since if I want to leave the base transparent, the breaks will be visible.  I guess I have to wait and see until I actually work on it :D

 I do have more photos if you are interested, 
(the updated photos start on second page)

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