Sunday, May 29, 2011

Workbench - Eurika 7

My poor Eurika girl doesn't get as many updates as she deserves.  Mostly I spend all of this time cleaning this girls hair.  I really don't know how some sculptors do this on daily bases :D

Doing the same stuff over and over gets very boring, so I decided to switch it up a little.  Wings here I come :D

I used some clear plastic to cut out the shapes of the wings, painted it with semi-transparent green (I tried to get it as close as possible to original colors) and added the design.  It looks pretty good if I say so myself :D

The design of the wings. 

 And this is the  hair last time I worked on them :D
Couple more layers of primer and sanding and its all done..... hopefully :D


Ведьма said...

Очень интересная идея создания крыльев! Спасибо за идею и объяснение! Возьму на вооружение, если вы не против.

Annya's Workshop said...

Go ahead, take it :D
I don't mind sharing ideas. Thats why I post this stuff anyway.
Well, plus all the attention I get :P

Ведьма said...

Do not you get tired of the attention?:D
As the exchange of ideas, I can put my Horo. If you're curious. I myself did it stand.

Annya's Workshop said...

Hey Ведьма, I would love to see your work on Horo. Do you have a website or blog? I can add you to my list :D
Oh and no, I don't get tired from all the attention :D I don't get that much of it :P