Sunday, May 29, 2011

Workbench - Sialeeds

Another pretty lady added on my table :D
Its Sialeeds from Suikoden (at least I think she is :D). 
I was asked to match the colors to the pictures below.  Mmmmm, love that purple/blue/gold combo :D

The cast was a little weird.  It looks like it was a copy that they cast the mold from.  It had some primer still stuck to her and lots of pencil lines.  Either way, she didn't have that many problems to fix and the resin is very nice and soft.

 My first color test :D
Me like it ...... (so is the client)

As you can see, this kit requires lots of masking.  Which I skipped half of the time by painting by hand :D  
All of the light purple lines are hand painted, plus all of the gold lines have to be hand painted.


She is shaping up very nicely.  Did I mention that I really like her purple/blue combo?


Ведьма said...

Шикарная фигурка. А чьё литьё? в смысле это ведь штучная работа, да?
Сочетание цветов необычное и очень красивое!

Annya's Workshop said...

I got the kit from a client, but you can find her on E ( ) Too bad its not the same pose as the first reference pic :D

Ведьма said...

The truth hurt.((( I thought I would figure as the first picture. And very surprised strange feet.:D
Still going to wait until the end of work. I love the figure in motion.

Otohime said...

Excellent paint job and so much details. I really love the cape!!!