Sunday, May 29, 2011

Workbench - Ignis

OK, OK, this is my last update for today :D   Just don't be crying to me if I don't update it again for a while  :P

The kit is BOME version of Ignis.  One word to describe this girl -  HUGE!!!
This is 1/3 scale kit, but she is much taller then the other same scale kits I had before.

For such a big kit she didn't have too many big seam lines.  I scraped most of them with X-to knife first (I wasn't going to send them off, it would had taken me hours) and only after that sending it off with big foam sander (brick shaped foam pad wrapped in sand paper). 


Next was pinning.
Since this girl is so HUGE (did I mention that she was very big?), I wasn't going to skim on pins.  She probably will set off metal detector at the airport :D

 If anybody wonders, I made the ridges around one part for glue to settle in.  This gives it more grip.

I am dreading to think about painting this lady.  The parts are supper heavy, since she is so HUGE 


Ведьма said...

Как это последний? Ещё хочуууу!)))
Ничего себе размерчик! Хотя для такого масштаба можно было и поаккуратнее сделать отливки(

Annya's Workshop said...

LOL, its just last update for a day. More is coming, I promise :D

By the way, sorry that I don't write in Russian. It takes me way too long to switch my keyboard. Plus since I don't use it that often, I need to find all of the letters :D

Amanda said...

I love your kits and I just started learning to airbrush as well.

How do you do shading on skin tones?
Do you airbrush on aa orange-pigment paint first then the flesh tone overtop?

Ведьма said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ведьма said...

My reader shows the latest entry first.:D
Oh-oh,okay.%)) True, my English is poor ((And my daughter does not sit at a computer and a quick response.

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