Sunday, May 22, 2011

Workbench - Dead Master

 Another commission on my table.
I got this kit in the mail not that long ago and already finished it.  The cast is from original sculptor and the quality is amazing.  Plus it really helped that part break-down was very good.  I almost didn't have to mask anything (mostly the base).

The part pictures :D
The resin was pearly white and soft.  Just a pleasure to work with.

Finished up the weapon.  Its hard to see it on the photo, but its dry brushed with metallic silver and looks a lot cooler in real life :D

 The base is done :D
I think that was my most favorite part of the kit.

For the flames, I was asked to use fluorescent paint to make it glow in the dark.  Its really cool :D

Next post is with complete kit pictures :D

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