Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chouun Shiryu part 2

Finally I got a nerve to work on Chouun skirt. It was accually not too bad, I guess I made it out too be more in my mind then it acually was. It really helps to have the right kind of tools when you do this. I used a very thin masking tape (sorry don't remember the brand) and just went around the skirt. The second row was a little bit harder, just because it had to be more alligned to the first one, but I did it.
This is skirt with only the tape before I painted it brown (chocolade brown with some burned siena shadows). Oh yeah, I painted red first and mask it after.

After the base skirt color, but before I remoded the tape.

After the tape was removed. It still need some touch ups on the strips and some more shadows (pastel).

This is the final skirt with all hightlight, shadows and strips. All done on the same day.

Of course, after finishing the skirt, I just had to see how Chouun will look together. She still need some work, but the lower and middle part of her body is done. The only thing to do is her finger nails, hair, and eyes (regular girls day at the spa)

P.S. If you still didn't figure it out I finally learned how to put onion heads in my blog.

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