Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chouun Shiryu Update

For the last few days I didn't had too much time to work on Chouun, but I got some stuff done. As promised, I was doing a beauty salon stuff on her.
Thanks to Ilaria, I got a good reference picture for the eyes (Thank you dear again). The good thing is that I had to paint only one set of eyes, the other face have her eyes closed.

The only thing that is bugging me is that when I put her hair on and her head on the body, it is very hard to see her eyes. I have to really lean under to pick at her face. I think that she will need to be sitting somewhere up higher on the shelves and look down on people.

Also I've been working on her nails. I dicided to stick with natural color, so just some french manicure and she is ready to battle. Looking at the picture, maybe I need some manicure done too.

The last step (the hair) was kind of giving me a problem. I had to repaint her hair twice already. I had to putty the hair a little bit more (the place where the bangs and the main hair meet) and repaint it. I think I am done with that, but I have to double check first.

Also I am almost done with her sword and her shirt colar.
She is almost done, yeah

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