Saturday, February 9, 2008

Small update

It is very cold outside right now and there is nothing on TV, so I decided to spend couple of hours in my basement painting.

I like making resin models, I like all steps of doing it, but my most favorite part is painting. You can see how your all previour hard work on fixing the kit is paying off. The kit is becoming alive (wha-ha-ha, I created a monster lol ) So anyway, right now I get to paing two kits at the same time.

Mikuru is almost done. Today I finally attached her head and finished up on touching up her body (that did not sounds right O_0 ). So now the only thing I have to do with her is fix her front part of the frog costume. The seam lines where the arms are attached have to be sanded and repainted.

There is few things that I am kind of dissapointed in Mikuru. She have such a nice sculpted body, but most of it is kind of hidden by the hair or the position of her body. Another this is that I can't fix her to a base permanently because her back part of the frog costume will not come off or on. And I really would like to make the costume removable. Oh well, I will think of something.
For my other project, I got to finish up her shoes. I really love how they turned out. So for now she have her two main bodies, legs and heads ( no eyes yet) done. I am leaving masking the skirt until the last posible minute. Oh, and the hair, must not forget the hair.

I am very luck that I have some free time right now, I know that soon it will be over and I will only get to work on my girls maybe ones a week.


Misato-chan said...

I'm loving her! the froggy costume (I saw it in your previous entry) is looking real, if i could touch it I bet I'd expect it to feel like fleece!
I'm also very much anticipating your Chouun!

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you Ilaria, I am very happy so far with Mikuru. She is such a color treat for my eyes. And I hope I can do a good job on Chouun too. Still dreading masking the skirt.