Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mikuru is done

I am so happy, my Mikuru is finally done. She looks like a very easy kit, but I had some problems with her. Her legs had to be repositioned few times, because the alignment of it have to be perfect to put the frog costume on. The costume is removable with magnets, so I can show her nice legs off .
I painted the inside of the suit with shimering green color, so it looks like a silk, and outside with very flat color, so it looks fuzzy. Didn't really got the result I was looking for, but I like it anyway.

For the base, I used a kitchen tile I got in the hardware store. It is very nice, but very very hard to drill. If you ever plan to drill one, make sure you get a very fast and strong drill for hard surfaces, otherwise its not going to work.

I finally desided to get an account at the Photobucket, so here is the rest of the pictures http://s254.photobucket.com/albums/hh107/zasranka1/Mikuru%20from%20Haruhi/

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Lofen lofot said...

I love when you mix this colors together this green and yellow. I whant to try it my self. Let me tell you something. I have about 10 garage kit and all paints airbrushes and tool you can think of. but I don't use it. It just lay there and collect dust. Thel me what should I do to get going and start my hobby. I have been this way for 2 years now.