Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chouun Shiryu

After my last watercolor commition, I had lots of bottle up energy for resin kits and two days off. So here is some stuff that I have done.

I have this kit of Chouun Shiryu from Ikkitousen. She have this gorgeous flowing hair that just made me buy her. I really like her, but I have dicided that I am going to sell her once she is done. I need to pay some bills.

She is a challange for me just because she have few different features. She have two different bodies and two different heads. I am building her with all of the extra parts, so I will be able to put them together anyway I like it. The challange was in puttying the parts so they all fit together.
Here is some pictures of her two bodies. This is my first kit with bare breasts :) I think they turned out OK.

The next step is to mask all of the strips on her skirt. I am dreading this moments, so maybe I will leave it untill my next day off.

P.S. My stupid blog is acting up on me, so there is no spell check. Sorry about that, but its not my fault (seriously :) )

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