Saturday, June 30, 2007


My friend asked me to paint this kit for her. She got it at the car show this summer. This is a second skull I am painting for her. I think she will have a lots more of them coming my way in the future. :)
This is one piece resin kit (the base is cast on). It was lots of fun painting it. On this kit, I used some real sand and rocks. It only took me two days to do. I wish I could complete kits that fast all the time.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Takeo finished

I've got this little girl finally done. First time I've seen her, I knew that I have to get her. She is such a character. She looks funny, cute, curious, young and cheerleader (jk). The sculptor paid lots of attention to her anatomy. Her body is very well proportioned and all of the muscles are defined. It really helps when you paint the skin. The hair were a little problem for me. The cast had lots of small bubbles all over the hair and its was a nightmare to fix it. But it was worth the trouble.

I think over all she came out beautifully.

Remodeling, part 2

OK, I just couldn't resist, I had to put this picture up. During the remodeling, we had to take some furniture outside and of course, our cats thought that its their full rights to go and use provided service. I wish I was a cat!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home remodeling

I was on vacation last week, but didn't get to work on my models at all, because we have been working on our house remodeling. We repainted our living room, it use to be light beige color and now its light white-grey. Plus I installed mirrors on one of the walls. The room looks brighter and bigger now. Plus we painted some other stuff in the house. I am so not used to this kind of work, my muscles were kind of sore for a while, but it was worth it.

I am very happy with results, even that I didn't get to play with my models.

Sailor Mercury finaly completed

I am finally done with my Sailor Mercury.
I am very happy that I spend extra time and effort on making her base.

Maybe now I can do some other scouts too besides Mercury and Venus.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Base for Mercury

I have finished my Mercury kit for some time now, but she had nothing to stand on. After some discussion (with myself) I decided on using Mercury's transformation sign. Great idea, except I don't have a saw to cut the symbol out. It is always nice to have friends (big grin), so with a help of my friend Steve I got the base. Actually I got three, because Steve wanted to try out all of his electric saws that he had. Thank you Steve.

After sanding and polishing one of the bases, I have this final product. Now I only have to fit Mercury on it.