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EDIT:  I will only accept an original cast kits, not recasts.

I provide professional, airbrushed painting services for resin garage kits (anime or other figures, please no mecha kits).  I do not sculpt kits - just paint them.

Cost depends on the size and the complexity of the model. Please contact me for the price quote.

I will ask for half of the commission fee before I start painting and the other half after the project is done (PayPal only). The customer will have to pay the shipping price. I do provide a basic wooden base for the kit. If you need something more complex, it will cost extra.

For any commissions or questions regarding my painting services, please use the following email:

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I've been asked a lot lately about my prices for commission kits, so I decided to post my basic fees here.

1/8 scale - $220 USD
1/7 scale - $250 USD
1/6 scale - $275 USD
1/5 and up - $320 and up

This is just a guideline prices and it all depends on complexity of the kit.