Monday, March 31, 2008

Kanu WIP

Today I finally started to paint Kanu.

Usually I paint skin color first, but this girl have way too much white and I prefer to paint white first. So I painted her shirts and socks white with blue tint to it and applied shadows with pastel. Pastels gives you a better control on how much you cover and its very helpful with a small kits.

Also I painted the hair. I applied the purple color as a base. Added black shadows and light purple highlights. After that I sprayed all of the hair surface with transparent blue to give the hair a nice glow.

While I was waiting for the hair parts to dry, I painted Kanu's weapon. Now I just have to paint the dragons head gold.

Few more days and Kanu will be done.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kanu WIP

Its been around a week since I started to work on Kanu. I am actually very impressed with my speed. The kit is almost ready to be painted.
I spend lots of time sanding and priming parts. Most of the kit is in the good shape, but the hair and her legs were giving me the most problem.

At this moment, I have both of her bodies ready, her shoes, her weapon, and her skirts. I will probably need another sanding and priming on the legs.

I am very excited to start painting her. Painting is the best part of this hobby

More WIP pictures at

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kanu WIP

Today is Easter, so after family dinner I got a chance to work on this commission.

This is an original kit, so there is not too much problems with it. The part fit is pretty much perfect. I had to adjust the lower parts of the bodies so they all fit with the skirts. Plus I had to putty the leg to the torso. Pinned all the parts and did some sanding.

The hair piece is going to be a problem. The strands are so delicate it will take lots of carefull sanding and handling. Plus there was small shift in the mold, so there is a bigger seam line then on the other pieces.

More pictures on

Adrean Peterson from Vikings

My latest commission from a friend. I airbrushed background with acrylic paints and used watercolors for the rest of the portrait. It is 16 x 20 inches. I had only about a week to finish this up, but finally it is done. I am so happy now and I hope I can take a break from portraits for a while

Happy Easter everyone

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kanu WIP

Just got this kit in the mail. It is a commission project, so I have to put my kits on hold for a little bit. I really like this kit, so its not a problem.

This is Kanu from Ikkitoisen, she have two different bodies and two skirts. I inspected the parts and found only few small problems. There is some seam lines on the legs and hair pieces have some extra resin, but I don't think it will take me long to fix it.

For now she is taking a bath in my degrease. I will have to finish one other commission project, its due on Saturday, so Kanu have to wait a little bit.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New kits

I am totaly broke right now, I just recieved three kits in the mail and two more is on the way to me. My wallet is hurting , but the rest of me is dancing I just love recieving green packages from E2046.

Here is small run down on my purchases. Two of the kits are from Ori section on E.
I got Qiao Yin from Elegance and Elf Ranger from Darkness. Both of them came in the separete paper boxes with instructions. Both of them are really good quality. Now the only problem is that I have to figure out the colors for them. The original colors are nice, but I love playing around with my own colors (otherwise I can just buy a PVC or something

The other kit I got was from a forum member (thank you bustyanimegal). She is Mai from King of Fighters. This is pretty old kit (2001) and I never seen this kit before. Most of the Mai's kits are way too sexy (slutty) for me, but this one have lots of movement and character.
I was so excited when I got her, that I already started to work on her

The other two kits that are on the way are Roxenne and HTK-09 .

Plus, now with all of the new kits from Winter Festival showing up, I think my waller is in very, very big trouble. Good thing that I got some tax return coming :D

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ikkitoisen girl is done

Finally my Chouun is done. I finished up her base with the name of the show. Thanks to my sister for stroke order. I used some heavy liquitex acrilic gel for making the kanji more 3D. I think it turned out very nice.

The sword is done too.

So today, I took some of the completed Chouun. Here is the result.

And here is all of the parts. She can be changed anyway I want. Two heads, two bodies, four different posabilities.

More pictures at

P.S. If anybody is interested, she is for sale.