Monday, October 27, 2008

Dark Elf Modified

Finally I finished this kit. It was hard work and a lots of fun working on her. Her armor is metallic. The bra, bikini, shoulder pads and her left arm have magnets in them.
I had my first Dark Elf that I did in 2005 for a reference and I am very proud to say that I am improving :D

I had this little toy pig that I got for my other project, but for some reason the piglet really wanted to be in the picture. She is saying: "Don't even think about touching my Babe!"

Workbench - Misato

I am still not fully working on this kit, just in between other projects. Surprisingly, she is comming allong very fast.
I am almost done with her jacket. I decided to paint it a little more darker red then it is in anime. I think that burgundy color is much richer and makes her more alive and not drawn. Also I decided to make the jacket glossy. I love texture and so far she is mostly have just flat finish on her. The glossy jacket will create a nice texture difference and bring her to life. I hope I don't offend any Evangelion fans by changing my colors :D

Painted her eyebrows and her eyes. I am still not very happy how her eyes turned out, but I am going to give it a small rest and see in a day of two before I change anything.

Misato is such a big and beatiful kit that I just had to do something special for her base too. I got plain wooden base in my craft store, applied the wood stain on the sides, painted the top part black and airbrushed the NERV design. This is the first time I did the base this way and I like it a lot.

At the end of the day, I started to turn all of my equipment down and clean my mess. I turned around and nocked poor Misato down >.<>

More coming up.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another watercolor portrait

I had to do another sport portrait commission. Its a Justin Morneau portrait. The piece is usual 16 x 20 inches size. The background was airbrushed and for the rest of it I used watercolors with some watercolor pencils.
I had the hardest time doing the chrome on the trophy. I am fully satisfied with result, but I had to rush this piece. At least I am very happy with his face.
The photo got a little bit distorted, so I had to crop it a little bit. I hope it doesn't distract too much.

Close up of the face

Caster is finished

Finaly finished up my Caster. She was quite a challenge to make. Lots and lots of connection parts to glue together (and clean/prime), and some modifications.

For this kit I used Model Master laquer flat paint, so the cape looks like its made from soft cloth. It feels very nice to touch too.
Not all the parts are glued on. I had to leave her head and her hand unglued, because they have to be removed to put on or off the cape. The dagger have a small magnet in it, so it attaches itself to the hand. Same for her bra (single cup LOL).