Friday, January 17, 2014


This girl was a challenge to fix up, but it turned out pretty good.


The Nine Balances - Nu Wa

The Nu Wa kit have three main characters.  The goddess herself (with huge wing and a tail) and two girls.  The girls are two different races.  One looks human and the other one is elf. 
I decided to give girls two different skin tones to make them stand apart.  The elf girl gets to be dark skinned with with dark chocolate/reddish hair and the human girl is getting pale skin with light brown hair. 

Skin tones are painted

 Elf girl have a set of beautiful wings.  My idea for her coloring was to make it all earth/fire tones. 
I actually got a step by step on painting the wings :D

first base color

Darker brown wash over the whole area

 next some more wash, but in more exact areas

 Highlights are added

and as a last step, I added some red/purple tips

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Workbench - Vampirella

One of my commission pieces I've been working in December.
This is a Vampirella kit, but in very unusual style (at least I didn't see it done this way before).
She needed a lot of TLC, but at the end turned out pretty cool.


 Lots and lots of pin holes, but they could not withstand the mighty Green putty :D

And couple pictures of skin painted

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Nine Balances - Nu Wa

I am finally started to work on my first PKKing kit.  This is one of my favorite sculpts, so its only fair that I should start with it :D

This is how I recieved the kit :D


And just if anybody is wondering, here is the store adress: