Friday, November 23, 2007

Rozen Maiden Set

Few weeks ago I finaly recieved this kit from E2046. It consist of seven Rozen Maiden sitting on the couch. The kit is based on very cool art work.

The girls are really tiny and its kind of painful to work on them, because it gives me crams in my hands. But it is so cute that I can't just let it go.
I actually started a WIP threat on E2046 forum, so I am going to keep that place updated. I just hate doing the same thing more then ones.
Here is the link
Still here is a picture of Ichigo.

Arisugawa Shii part 3

I had to take some time off from Shii and work on Etna kit from Disgaea. For now they are both done, but I still have few finishing touches to do on Shii. I build both of this kits for competition, but I wasn't sure which I am going to use for which forum. After asking few people I decided that I use Etna for E2046 competition and use Shii for HobbyFanatic.
This is a quick shot of both of them done.
I am going to repaint Shii's sword from gold to metal and replace Etna's base. Better pictures are coming soon.