Monday, March 29, 2010

Simoun - finished

The girls are all done :D

Workbench - Simoun

Finished up the base for the girls :D

I decided to go with this rectangular base since I am going to add mosaic tiles to make it look like a bathroom floor (I liked the round base better, but it would be impossible to round up the tiles :D)

Some of the mosaic tiles I had on hand (I used the blue stones for my Takeo girl project)

Just a small test.

First I painted the base glossy black. After that I used Mosaic Tile adhesive I picked at the Michaels store. Apparently it dries clear :D This is the first time I am using this, so I wasn't sure about the final result.

This is after the adhesive was applied, but before it dried out. I left it to cure overnight.

The next day after gluing the tiles :D
I applied the Tub Seal that most people use in their REAL bathrooms :D I did used this stuff before for Takeo girls, so I actually knew what to expect.

The seal is all leveled out and cleaned up. Now I just need a bathroom sink :P

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Workbench - Simoun

The fun continues :D

Painted the nails on the girls feet and hands.

And some hair and eyes. I tried to match it as close as possible to the reference pictures.

Small preview

Monday, March 15, 2010

Workbench - Simoun

After painting the skin color, I had to match all of the shirts colors to the reference.
I think its a pretty good match :D

Now the fun part, transparent shirts :D
First I painted the skin color on the areas where the shirt lays closest to the skin.

Next I took the purple color of the shirt and applied it to all of the wrinkles (the raised parts). This parts are supposed to be the most removed from the skin, so they should be the solid color.

Blending in the colors.

Added purple pastel shading. As you can see, its very bright and stands out too much.

I added another thin layer of purple shirt color to blend the pastel shading with the rest of the shirt color.

The other girls shirt. Same steps.

Here is a quick test to see how the girls look. Nothing is glued yet :D

Today I am going to be working on their hair and eyes. This girls are so much fun to do that they practically paint themselves :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Workbench - Simoun

More updates on Simoun girls.

I was asked to give this girls a pale, but shiny skin tone. For the base I used Freshtone by Ceramcoat. This is the lightest skin tone I found (premixed :D).

The next two shots are of just plain base coat and next one is with shading (before pastel shading)

I forgot to take the progress pics of parts shaded with pastel, but it was my next step :D
After shading with pastel (and sealing it) I sprayed all of the skin tone with Satin finish with added touch of white pearl to it. This makes the skin a little shiny, but not too glossy. It supposed to look like they just took a shower :D