Saturday, April 9, 2016

Workbench - Soldato J

This is my "challenge"project :-D  and you would understand what I mean the second you see the pictures.

I don't know anything about this character, but here is some references

This is not a mass produced kit, so only limited number of copies were made.  A true garage kit ;D

 This is a lot of pin holes and it will take me a while to fix them all before I will be able to paint this guy >_<

Workbench - Nonon from Kill la Kill

Cute girl with deadly weapons :-D
Another commission project.

 The cast is not too bad, just couple of pin holes and some tabs to remove. 

Workbench - Kanu

Couple of years ago, I already worked on this version of Kanu.  The one big difference is that one was resin and this is colored resin with a lot more parts :-D (if you are wondering, I prefer this version )

 It was such a pleasure cleaning this kit up (almost no cleaning needed) and fitting is a dream.  Painting parts is a breeze, since almost no masking is needed.  This project is moving along a lot faster then I was anticipating.

And painting begins :D

First the gold layer with some washes

 Clear red (water based paint).  Before sealing this layer, I took a Q-tip with Windex on it and rubbed red paint off from gold edges.  Saves so much time :-D

 Kanu's lushes body :-P

 All the armor parts done. 

 Textured boots :D