Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Workbench - Dragon Keeper

Another update on my Dragon Keeper :D

Painted the mechanical parts.
First glossy black, followed up with Alcaid chrome (no progress on the chrome paint :D)

 Masking :D
I did wait overnight before masking the chrome paint.  I had to use Future floor finish to seal it (last time I sealed it with my lacquer based clear coat, I lost all of the shine  >_<  )
Waiting on some stuff does pays off :D

Now the fun part - painting :D
Light golden brown for the base color.

 Added washes of brown (many layers) and a little bit of shading with airbrush after.

Shaded with transparent green..

and finished up with transparent red (just people who wonder why its so different from the other picture is because if you mix green and red you get brown :D I only wanted some areas green or red)

And this is on inside of the wings

And her very cool boots :D
Same steps as the wings, except that I hand-painted the scales after.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Workbench - Dragon Keeper

Painted the skin of the Dragon Keeper


 It took me a while to figure out on how I want to paint this girl.  She does have horns and the wings, but since the wings clearly have mechanical parts in them, they are not "real" her.  On the other hand, her horns looks like they belong to her (no bands to hold them on her head).  So I had to decide if she is a dragon or just a human.
At the end, I decided that she is somewhere in between.  Not human, but not a dragon either.  And what is the better way to show her "dragon" side then scales :D


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Workbench - Dragon Keeper

I recently got this very beautiful kit, sculpted by Sam Greenwell (http://www.samgreenwell.com/ )

She is so cute and adorable that I couldn't resist to work on her right away.

Here is the parts of the kit


And some of the problem areas.
Mostly its just some pin holes, chips and casting gate bumps that wasn't that hard to fix.


The only picture of my fixing I took was this :D

More updates coming up later :D

Monday, May 14, 2012

Workbench - Moka

This girls name is Moka.  She is from Rosario + Vampire anime and manga.
And she is one of my new projects :D

This is a conversion from PVC and here is the pre-painted version.

I was asked to modify the kit so her skirt and her bra are removable and can be showed with or without such.
Here is the fruits of my labor :D

The legs were in three pieces.  I decide to glue one of the legs in right away and fix the gap on the other side.

 The skirt is suppose to fill in the space between her underwear and the shirt.  I had to rebuild the stomach area.

 And this is how it looks after my all hard work :D


If you are very observant, you will notice the smooth space over her breast area on pictures above (or at least now you will back and check it out :D).  
Here is a step-by-step I did on her bra. 


This is it for this update :D
More is coming soon (hopefully)