Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another repainted kit

One of my customers asked me to repaint this Gathering version of wedding kit
Originally, the dress is painted in white and I had to repaint it to red.
I had some problem with focusing with my camera, but you can get the main idea >.<

1/6 Satsuki Ikaruga done

She is done.

For such a simple looking kit, she was quite challenging. Still it was lots of fun doing her.

I didn't shade her clothing like I usually do, I used iridescent paint on it. This paint created nice highlights from different angles. Very nice effect.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Misato completed

Finally, Misato is done. She was my side projects for a friend, so it took me a while to complete her. I am just happy that I finished her before Xmas .
Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Satsuki from Cerberus project

A small preview for this little Satsuki from Cerberus project.
On the official website it listed that this kit is 1/6 scale, but she is much much smaller. She more of 1/8 scale, so be warned.
Otherwise, she is very exquisitely sculpted. She have very elegant hands, lots of details and removable clothing.
I am mostly sticking with original colors on this project, except two things. I added an iridescent purple color to the white part of her clothing, so now it reflects the light. It is very hard to see on the photos, but looks really cool in person. Another thing I changed is the color of her stockings. I had this really cool smoky pearl grey that I think looks great on her stockings.

I have only a little bit more to paint on her, just her hair, eyes, and her weapon. More pictures coming soon.

Rider v2

One of my next projects is going to be this Rider from Fate/Stay Night. I just finished the same kit not too long ago, but this one is going to be even more modified then the other one.
She is going to have removable skirt and top, and her colors are going to be all different from original. Very exciting project. So lets start.

First I had to start with the body. I cut out the flesh part on the legs, separating the boot part from leg. The thighs will be joint with the main body piece, plus it will make my painting skin and boots much easier.
Next I attached the thighs and started to re sculpt the left body of her stomach.
Here is the picture of how her body looked before (the picture is from my other Rider project, I got too involved into the sculpting part that I forgot to take any progress pictures)

This is how the body looked after first sculpting session. Not everything is correct here yet, but it started to take a shape. A very nice shape too :D

After few hours of sculpting, waiting, sanding, adding some more putty.... Here is completed body. I have to say that I am very proud of myself.

Next step is to create her a nice outfit. I put some tape around her hips and her breast area, so the putty doesn't sink in the crevices. Right now I just have the basic shape of it and its going to be modified more later on after its all dry.

This is all of the progress I have on this project. I have lots more coming up soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1/3 Kanu repainted

This was a very intersting project. One of my costumers asked me to repaint this already painted Kanu.
I had to remove her skirt, which was glued onto her body. Of course I broke the skirt parts into pieces and had to repair it.

I had to add shadows to her white jacket. After that I applied the irridesent blue top color on the jacket. It is kind of hard to see it on the picture, but when you twist the jacket, it sparkles purple.

I had to totaly repaint the skin tone. I needed darker, more tanned skin shade. I think it came out pretty well.

The skirt was painted in orangy red color that didn't go well with her new skin tone. I used a darker shade of red with heavy purple shadows.

This is my results after many hours of work.

Tati is done

Another project is done. This was my first 1/3 scale kit and it was challenging and fun to work on her.
Now it is time to move on to the next project.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

1/3 scale Tati kit

After the Dark Elf kit, I started to work on few new projects. One of them is 1/3 scale Tati kit from E2046 ( ). I usually work with smaller scale kits, so this is a very interesting project for me.
This kit is very big, but doesn't have too many anatomical details. I had lots of smaller kits that had better muscle structure then this kit. One thing that was preventing to see her body was this ugly belt from her sword carry case (sorry don't remember the name for it). So the first thing I did was remove the belt on her stomach area and rebuild her belly button.

This girl looks like she spends a lot of time outside, so I had to make her skin more tanned then I usually do. Plus because she doesn't have the muscle definition build in, I had to grab my anatomy books to see where the shadows fall. I think I did pretty good.
I decided to go with brown theme for this girl, so her hair and her eyes are brown, so is her sword carrier. Also her bra and bikini is painted tapioca white (light brownish color) with brown shadows. Her arm bracelet and some parts on her spear are painted copper (brownish tone again).
For her sword case, I am using a real leather straps. It will loop around her waist without distracting from her stomach.
I only have few little details to work on and she is almost done. Finished pictures are coming up very soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dark Elf Modified

Finally I finished this kit. It was hard work and a lots of fun working on her. Her armor is metallic. The bra, bikini, shoulder pads and her left arm have magnets in them.
I had my first Dark Elf that I did in 2005 for a reference and I am very proud to say that I am improving :D

I had this little toy pig that I got for my other project, but for some reason the piglet really wanted to be in the picture. She is saying: "Don't even think about touching my Babe!"