Friday, October 14, 2016

Yazawa Nico from Love Live

Cerberus have some very cute girls this year.  They are from online game called Love Live and they are wearing some very amazing outfits.
This is one of the girls, Yazawa Nico (I have another girl commissioned later on).

 This girl have a microphone with very warped stick.  I had to replace that piece.

 And a little preview of her eyes :D

Joan of D"Ark

I had the hardest time photographing this girl.  My lighting is pretty good, but its doesn't support purple tones.  Too bad I can't show you all the cool transitions of blues and purples. 

Kanu in progress

This girl is taking my time :D
I had to repaint few items to get it perfect, so hopefully the end result will be amazing.

 Just her weapon left to finish.  The stick for it is very tricky O_o

Shizuru Viola from My-Hime

I had this girl finished for a very long time, but this is her first appearence in here.
Welcome Shizuru Viola :D

Prinz Eugine by Metalbox

The other Eugine girl, this time by Metalbox.
Here is the link to the website if anybody interested :D

 A lot more parts then the T's system kit.  This girl included the actual ship parts :D

Prinz Eugine by T's system

I can't believe how long ago I updated my blog >_<
Lots of stuff was done, but not uploaded.  I need to change it now.

I received a commission with two Prinz Eugine kits.  One is made by T's system and the other one is Metal Box.  I guess is a girl representation of a navy ship.

Here is some wip pictures of T's girl.

 It came with some very bad decals for eyes >_<
There is no way in hell I am using this.

 A very quick wip on eyes

 hair gap

 and a small preview