Saturday, November 26, 2011

Workbench - Lady Death

I was asked to repaint pre-painted figure of Lady Death. 
Since I get to skip most of the cleaning process and just paint, I was very happy to take on this project  \(^o^)/

The before pictures with original colors


I made a small boo-boo.  I had to remove the cape and it didn't want to come out.  Its a wonder what you can do if really pull  (*^.^*)
It is fixed now, so no worries.

 The Lady is primed and ready for her make-up.

Some skin and hair.

I had to hand paint her clothing since there was no way I was going to mask all this nightmare.

I have to tweak some of the colors for her (hair) and finish painting her stockings.  More progress pictures are coming very soon.

Workbench - Dragon Ball diorama

Another new project on my table is this fun diorama from Dragon Ball's.

 This kit have tons of small parts, but mostly they look very clean. 
I am still impressed with this vacuum packed part  :D

Its going to take a degrees-er bath right now, but stay tuned for more progress   ('-^*)

Workbench - Rei in clear suit

Now that my workroom is all remodeled, I got a couple of new projects to work on (on the top of the older ones :D  )
This new project is 1/4 scale Rei in Clear plug-in suit.  She have lots of clear parts and looks amazing.  Can't wait to start painting her.

The parts came in in the spaced out almost vacuum packed packages.  Looks cool :D

Her fingers are amazing. 

 The shop removed some tabs from this kit and didn't do such a good job.  They made a big boo boo in the funny place   (*^.^*)
Its not that hard to fix, but worth mentioning.
Here she is, standing tall and proud.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I was super busy this last couple of weeks.  I finished some kits that I've been working for a while, but the BIGGEST project that I finished is my actual workroom. 

I had a chance to modify my work space and I jumped at it with open arms.

Here is the pictures of BEFORE
 My workroom is located in the basement of our house and its an unfinished basement.  Which means it doesn't have insulation or flooring or ceiling.  Just concrete walls and floor and lots and lots of spiders :D

Now this pictures are IN-PROGRESS



I got a new walls, new ceiling, new floor and a totally new exhaust fan :D

The final pictures


My nice, remodeled  (and still clean and uncluttered :D ) workroom.

Sorry guys for posting so many pictures.  I hope you don't have any problems uploading this.

Rei with Motorcycle finished

Another finished kit is this tiny Rei.
I loved working on the figure, but I really struggled with her bike :D  I am so happy its all done.