Monday, January 28, 2013

Comet-san finished

And the last update for today is this little girl.
It was a pleasure to work on her because of all the bright colors.  And because of the same colors it was a little challenging for me to photograph her.  I lost half of the shading on this photos  >_<

I hope you like her and her little friend  :D


Captain Harlock finished

The Captain is finished too.

I used iridescent purple inside of his cape so it looks like silk and for texture contrast, used flat black for outside of his cape.
He looks pretty handsome if I say so myself  :D



Wonder Girl finished

Here comes the Wonder Girl  :D

I am really happy how her blue jeans turned out.



Power Girl finished

Another super hero is this Power Girl.


She-Ra finished

Hi everyone   (*^.^*)
Thank you very much for still checking my blog and a HUGE Thank you for all the warm wishes I received for my new "mommy" status.

My little angel was three weeks early, so she kind of messed up my plans on some of the commission projects I was working.  Amazingly enough I actually had some time to finish some of my projects  (I am very blessed by having a great family ).  So for the next couple of posts I will show the projects that were mostly done before New Year, and only needed small work done on them.

First is She-Ra.



Sunday, January 6, 2013

My unexpected Christmas present

Happy New Year everyone !

If you follow my blog, you probably remember me mentioning that I am pregnant.  The main reason why I haven't posted anything is that my little angel decided that she wants to come out earlier (three weeks early).  She was born on December 24 - the greatest Christmas present ever.

I am still adjusting to being a new parent :D

I hope everyone have a great New Year and hopefully I can get to work on some of my resin kits soon too.