Friday, March 25, 2011

Sakura from Card Captor finished

Another kit that I photographed is this little Sakura.
I had to change her from the last update pictures I posted.  Changed her hair color and position of her eyes.
Hope you like her :D

Kara finished

I started the WIP for this kit some time ago (long time ago), but had to put it on hold for a while.  I eventually finished her, but totally forgot to take the update pictures.  Sorry.

The kit was sitting on my table for last 3-4 months almost finished (she only needed her sword to be complete :D)  So finally about a month ago I did it. 

In the last couple of days, since I couldn't work on kits, I actually photographed them.
I hope you like her.

The cape is removable.



I've been very sick this whole week, so not as much updates as I would love to do.  Oh well, at least I am getting better now and don't need to sleep whole day long :D

I finished some stuff on Miku.  Now I only need to finish her base and she is set to go to her new home.
I had lots of fun painting her eyes, now I am just waiting for her owner to OK it.

Not much update on Carina girl (girl from La campania).  I don't remember the last time I had to do so much clean up on a kit   >_<   Couple more turned with sanding paper and primer and she is ready to for paint.
On the good note is that I found some pretty flowers to go on her base.

I got just as little done on Eurika girl.  Mostly just clean up on the dress and sanding off her stocking lines.  Not much to show   >_<

Next week I will be on vacation (from work), so I will spend most of my time working on this project.  Stay tuned :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

Workbench - Autumn Miku

Another update on Autumn Miku.
Painted her hair with some maple leaves.  It was lots of fun :D

 No Flash and Flash :D

 Still need to do a trim on her skirt and stockings and sleeves.  Plus her eyes :D
Lots of small things to do.

Workbench - Eurika 7 girl

New project with some modifications :D

I was asked to create a character from Eurika 7 anime (sorry, don't know her name).

Since there is no already sculpted kits of her, we decided that I can modify a kit (Herald of Hell Airi from Queen's Blade) to look like the girl.

First I needed to remove Airi's legs, since I have to glue the dress and it would be impossible to paint them in this state.

It looks a little bit messy right now, but I promise it will change :D

Also had to remove her head.  I need to give the girl long hair and it would be much easier on me to do it with the head off.

OK this is that it looks now with fixed up legs and head (or should I say, no head :D).

Next I glued the dress and hands on and started to add the sleeves.

As an after thought, I cut her hands at the wrists.  I need to add some sleeve ends to it.
For now, the putty is hardening.  I will resume on her very soon.

Bayonetta finished

Finally the photos of complete Bayonetta.  Enjoy.